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What is Mizori

Mizori is one of the oldest Kurdish tribes in Northern Iraq Kurdistan. And that’s where we come from we are MIZORI. Why we chose Mizori as a name is purely to promote ourselves also with our other existing company Mizori Shisha not for other reasons.


How did Mizori Collection start?

We were very keen on niche scents, we were always looking for good perfumes. It was very hard finding qualified perfumes at an affordable price on the market. Thats how we came with the idea to start with our own brand
We named it like this because we wanted to have different top notes in perfumes. Different perfumes are the answers to different occasions and gatherings. We made this possible by creating a collection with multiple types of scents.

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The Mizori Perfumes

For as much as man and woman our collection also consists of unisex scents. You can use the perfumes with your partner or exchange perfumes together. Thats what COLLECTION stands for. After years of searching for the best top notes in perfumes, we often stumbled upon the “OUD” scents. These are the Woody scents that last for a long time and are well liked by many. Niche perfumes are known by that.

We produce our own oil-based branding perfumes. We use the best quality oil as well as top notes. We use all of the exclusive materials for affordable prices. Most perfumeries are too expensive for a normal civilian. We wanted to make a change in that with our own perfumery. This is the biggest reason we started this wonderful venture.


Where is Mizori Collection located/Available?

We want to introduce you to our perfumes, by opening our offices around the world. We started small but we are growing very fast in a short time worldwide.

Mizori Collection Beverwijk The Bazaar.

We are located at the busiest and largest Bazaar in the Netherlands. Visitors from all European countries come here.

The Bazaar in Beverwijk is a surprising combination of 1200 shops, stalls, outlets and caterings from all parts of the world.
With over 2 million visitors per year, De Bazaar is in the top 3 of most popular day trips.

The Bazaar is open every weekend from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

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Mizori Collection Family Mall in Duhok Iraq

Family Mall is the largest and most innovative shopping center in Iraq and is located in Duhok.

This is also the first branch abroad. Well-known stores are located here such as: Adidas, Nike , U.S Polo Assn. etc. At an excellent location with million visitors a year, we amaze people with the most exclusive scents of Mizori Collection.

There will be several branches. The second branch will be opened shortly in the Kurdish city of Erbil. In Baghdad the capital of Iraq is also at short notice a branch opening.


Mizori Collection Almere Netherlands.

Here we are located as an online seller.
In Almere we do the online customers and large sales to our regular customers.

Are you interested?
And do you want to come and smell perfume?

That is always possible.

Make an appointment by phone or whatsapp.

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Who are we?

You can already read that this concers two people. As husband and wife we started this wonderful enterprise together. Introducing our collection “World Wide”